Jackie O Henderson reveals why she was spotted crying in Sydney cafe

The Aussie star has poked fun at an article speculating why she was crying in a Sydney cafe.

Jackie O speaking into microphone
Jackie O has addressed why she was seen crying at a Sydney cafe. Photo: Instagram.com/kyleandjackieO

Aussie radio star Jackie O Henderson has addressed why she was spotted crying after she was sprung drying her eyes at a Sydney cafe with a close friend. The Daily Mail captured images of the 49-year-old star, saying she looked "visibly distressed" as she was seen dabbing her eyes with a serviette.

In the images published, Jackie O is seen engaged in conversation with a friend, where she gets upset while her friend comforts her, and the two later exchange a hug with Jackie looking fine as she strolls back to her car.

Jackie's now addressed the article in this morning's Kyle and Jackie O Show, telling her co-host Kyle Sandilands that the situation 'doesn't look good'.


On The Kyle and Jackie O Instagram Stories, one of their producers reads out the headline to Jackie who retorts, "What are you doing, Joshua?" before saying, "Do you know why I was crying? They had no almonds."

Later on the radio show, Jackie addressed the story again, after Kyle asked her if she was doing alright. "It doesn't look good," Jackie laughed. "I was just having coffee with a girlfriend, and something came up and it was a little bit emotional, and I had a little tiny dab of the eyes."

Jackie O on the Kyle and Jackie O show with caption 'I had a tiny dab of the eyes'
Jackie O laughed off the reason she was crying after being asked by Kyle Sandilands. Photo: Instagram.com/kyleandjackieo


"A little tiny dab?" Kyle questioned. "It's a two-handed, two-tissue... look at that photo!" he continued. "That's me dabbing them," Jackie O exclaimed back.

TBF, I'd also cry about no almonds, so you do you, Jackie.

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