Jacob Anderson baffled by Games Of Thrones backlash

Jacob Anderson was saddened by the backlash over the final episode of 'Games Of Thrones'.
The actor played Grey Worm in the hit fantasy series and he's now opened up about the conclusion of the eighth season in 2019 and the ferocious response from fans - with the TV star admitting he felt sad that so many had called for the finale to be reshot.
In an interview with PopSugar, he explained he had no idea the last episode would cause such a furore. He said: "I didn't have strong feelings about the finale. I think everybody assumes that we all hated it. That's not the case at all. I remember when I first got the scripts for that final season, I was like, 'There's something kind of punk about this season. It feels risky. And I feel like it was kind of fun. I enjoyed it and it was fun to make. It was full on, but it was fun to make."
He went on to insist he was taken aback by the criticism after the final aired because so many people had worked so hard on it.
Jacob added: "We were filming for 11 months in the snow and there were thousands and thousands of people worked so hard on [the final season]. And then for it to just, when it came out for people to just straight up be like, 'You need to remake this. This is terrible. This is the worst thing ever.' It was a little bit sad. But to be honest, I expected people to not like it, even though I liked it. I thought people were going to be annoyed by things."