Jaime King and Kyle Newman's former nanny to testify in custody battle

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Jaime King and Kyle Newman's former nanny is set to testify in the former couple's custody battle over their sons.
The pair are parents to James, eight, and Leo, six and they have been at odds over their parenting arrangements since 2020 when Kyle filed documents requesting they live with him full time and now the former couple are preparing to testify in court along with their ex-nanny Olivia Messier.
Documents obtained by People.com show Olivia will be asked to testify as to "what she personally observed with regards to her care and supervision of the minor children as well as her interactions with the minor children".
The publication also reports Jaime and Kyle will both testify "regarding all issues pertaining to custody and visitation" of their sons.
The case is being heard at a court in Los Angeles later in June.
It comes after 'Hart Of Dixie' star Jaime recently insisted she wants to be able to successfully co-parent the kids with her ex following a slew of back and forth legal manoeuvres between the pair including a move by Kyle to have the actress' time with the kids supervised.
Jaime's representative told Entertainment Tonight: "She looks forward to harmonious co-parenting of the boys when everyone is back home in Los Angeles."
The pair's split hit headlines back in 2020 when Kyle filed documents requesting sole physical custody of the boys.
In his original filing, Kyle wrote: "I have been the children's primary caretaker since their birth and the children have spent the large majority of 2020 in my sole custody."
Jaime's representative denied his claims that he was the primary caretaker and the actress later filed for divorce from Kyle to bring their 12-year marriage to an end.

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