Jamal Edwards’ grieving mother Brenda Edwards says 'good morning' to her late son every day.

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Jamal Edwards’ grieving mother Brenda Edwards says “good morning” to her late son every day.
The tragic entrepreneur - who helped launch the careers of Ed Sheeran and Jessie J with his urban music platform SB.TV. - died at the age of 31 back in February after suffering a heart attack and now his mother Brenda has spoken out for the first time about dealing with grief.
She said: "I’m doing okay. The way I’m looking at it - I’m taking each day as it comes. The one thing that I do want to say is I was with him and his sister was with us, we were all at home. It was sudden and it was unexpected and he went into cardiac arrest. Then he passed with me holding his hand, so I get a little bit of comfort from knowing I was with him. As much as that is comfort, at the same time, it’s a vision that I’m never going to forget. When I wake up every morning - all of his photos are still obviously in the house - and I look at him and say, ‘Good morning, baby’ and ‘Good night, baby’. And I think doing that is what’s keeping me going."
The 53-year-old singer-and-actress - who is known for appearing as a panellist on lunchtime chat show 'Loose Women' and is set to make a return to the programme on Tuesday (26.04.22) - went on to pay tribute to her tragic son and described his funeral as "beautiful."
Speaking as part of a special interview feature on 'Loose Women', she added: "He always had this lovely, bright smile, just used to light up. He had this funny laugh. I feel his presence constantly and I know I’ve always been somebody who has faith and who believes in that and that has been a massive comfort to me."
The former 'X Factor' contestant has now set up the Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust in memory of her son and explained that the foundation is hoping to hand out internships to young people and also aims to create a sanctuary for the homeless.
She said: "It’s been set up with two main things in mind. Jamal was all about empowering young people. We want to set up an academy for 16-21 year olds, giving them an internship if you like, within an organisation over a period of a year, where they learn everything from the ground up. And then we’re also looking to set up a homeless sanctuary. Jamal said ‘We all die, the goal is not to live forever but to create something that will.’ And I believe he has created something that will and I’m determined to make sure that it will. That’s my goal."

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