Jamie Carragher suspended by Sky after spitting at 14-year-old girl

Jamie Carragher can be seen spitting at a young fan in the video (Image: Daily Mirror)

Jamie Carragher has been suspended by Sky Sports after a video emerged of him spitting towards a 14-year-old girl.

The football pundit was filmed committing the act following Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat by Manchester United at Old Trafford on Saturday lunchtime.

The video, captured on a mobile phone and published by the Daily Mirror, appears to show the former defender reacting to the girl’s father repeatedly mentioning the scoreline.

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Jamie Carragher (second left) arrives at Euston train station.
Jamie Carragher arrives at Euston this morning.
Jamie Carragher arrives at Euston this morning.

Carragher apologised for the incident on Sunday evening by branding his actions “totally out of order” having personally spoken to the family at the centre of the storm.

He tweeted: “Totally out of order and I’ve apologised personally to all the family this evening. I was goaded 3/4 times along the motorway while being filmed & lost my rag. No excuse apologies.”

However, Sky Sports have taken swift action to remove the pundit from their broadcasting roster as the investigation continues.

A spokesperson for the channel said: “Sky takes this matter extremely seriously and strongly condemns Jamie’s actions, we have made that clear to him in person today and suspended him from his duties. It falls well below the standards we expect of our people.”

Carragher, who retired from football in 2013, was due to go in front of the cameras for Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football coverage of Stoke v Manchester City this evening.

He is thought to be earning an annual salary in excess of £1million for his punditry role.