Jamie Oliver doesn't want more kids

Jamie Oliver doesn't want any more children.

The 44-year-old TV chef - who has kids Poppy, 17, Daisy, 16, Petal, 10, Buddy, nine, and River, three - has admitted his family is now complete and that he and his wife Jools have found a few new ways of keeping themselves happy.

Jamie told The Sun on Sunday newspaper's Bizarre on Sunday Column: "Friday night I make my missus a curry and she has a foot massage.

"In the Oliver household I used to have a little cuddle, and those cuddles turned into five children. I like to keep my wife happy and if a curry does it, and a foot massage, then I'm all over that."

Earlier this year, Jamie confessed that being a parent is both "enjoyment and pain".

The TV star admitted it can be a struggle raising his kids - but he loves how "close" his family is.

Asked if he likes being a parent, he said: "Ummmm. Yeah. I mean, it's the yin and yang of enjoyment and pain, isn't it? And it's different pain at different stages of one's life.

"It just so happens that I have each stage in my life at this moment. I've got teenagers, I've got eight- and ten-year-olds and I've got a just-turned three-year-old.

"So I still have a child in my bed who sort of rattles around like an electric eel ... But yeah ... no, look, I love it. We're a very close family."

Jamie also insisted he is the disciplinarian in his household and that he doesn't care if his children don't like him because he thinks rules are very important.

He explained: "I'm the [disciplinarian] because I just expect certain behaviour, really. And I don't really care if I'm liked."