Jane Fonda, Robert Redford's unfortunate new movie title

Aletha Wilkinson

Jane Fonda and Robert Redford's new movie is a heartfelt tearjerker aimed at the over-65 set.

The title, Our Souls at Night, is deep-sounding and poetic, hinting at the central plot line of a pair of widowed old folk finding love again.

The only problem is, it sounds very, very different if you say it with a proper English accent.

In fact, it sounds very, very unpoetic. Say out loud to yourself, remembering to pronounce "our" as "ar' in the correct British manner.

Robert Redford and Jane Fonda

Robert Redford and Jane Fonda's new movie has an unexpected twist. Source: Getty

And people are starting to notice. English actor Rufus Sewell posted a shot of the billboard with the comment, “Maybe it sounds more family friendly with an American accent,” setting off a flurry of hilarious tweets.