Janelle Monae comes out as non-binary

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Janelle Monae has come out as non-binary.
The 36-year-old actress-and-singer - who identifies as queer and came out as pansexual in 2018 - no longer sees herself as a woman and feels she is far greater than "the binary".
Appearing on Thursday's (21.04.22) episode of 'Red Table Talk', she said: “I just don’t see myself as a woman solely.
“I feel all of my energy. I feel like God is so much bigger than the ‘he’ or the ‘she'.
“And if I am from God, I am everything.”
The 'Moonlight' star insisted she will “always, always stand with women” and “always stand with Black women.”
However, she added: “But I just see everything that I am, beyond the binary.”
Janelle wanted to make sure she had answered all the questions she had about her about her gender identity before sharing it with the world.
She explained: “Somebody said, ‘If you don’t work out the things that you need to work out first before you share with the world, then you’ll be working it out with the world.'
“That’s what I didn’t want to do.
“So I thought I needed to have all my answers correct. I don’t want to say the wrong thing.”
The 'Hidden Figures' star said it was necessary for her to be open and honest with her family about her personal life and she is thankful for their support.
She added: “I wasn’t ready to have my family question my personal life or get calls from people who still look at me as Little Pumpkin — that’s what they call me back home.
“I needed to talk to my dad, who was just great. My sister knew already because I’ve been in monogamous relationships; I’ve been in polyamorous relationships. But I knew that I couldn’t be Little Pumpkin. I couldn’t be little Janelle.”
In 2020, Janelle revealed she is always "uncovering" more about her sexuality.
Asked what being queer means to her, she said: "It means different. It means unafraid to try new things. I'm always learning more about who I am, and uncovering more and more about sexuality. For me, it is a journey, not a destination, as I gather more information about who I like.
"I'm a lot more open than I was in high school. I didn't know myself then and had to meet more people, connect with spirits. I think that word gives me room to grow."
Janelle admitted her sexuality left her feeling like an "outsider" because she grew up as "a Baptist kid in a very small, Republican state".
She added: "There was no one I could talk to about that. You do feel like an outsider. You feel, oh my goodness, I don't know how I even have this conversation with my loved ones when all I'm hearing every Sunday is: if you are not heterosexual, you're going to hell. And people using the Bible as a whip. I spent years unlearning that conditioning."
A representative for the star confirmed to Rolling Stone that she will still go by the pronouns she/her.

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