Jason Sudeikis' son 'has fallen in love with soccer'

Jason Sudeikis' eight-year-old son has become a huge soccer fan since he started making 'Ted Lasso'.
The 47-year-old actor - who stars as the hapless American soccer coach in the hit TV series - has revealed that his son has developed a passion for the sport since they started shooting the show in England.
The Hollywood star - who has Otis, eight, and Daisy, six, with actress Olivia Wilde - said on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers': "Oddly enough, Otis has fallen more in love with it since being back here. We got back in like November and we're out in LA right now. But him and Daisy were out there for almost all of 2022."
Jason also revealed that his kids developed British accents during their time in England.
He shared: "They started to get little tiny accents, but not enough. They got as far as like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. It's like that.
"But yeah, he's really into soccer right now. He did this thing where he loves looking up their cards and videos, and he comes up with fun facts that he finds on YouTube."
Jason previously revealed he was determined to play a flawed, but ultimately likeable, character on the show.
He said: "I personally didn’t want to play a buffoon, or use our time and our scripts to humanise a b****** – that had been done.
"Ted, the character: he’s looking for the best parts of life."
Jason also revealed that he was keen to play an "ignorant" but "curious" personality.
He explained: "A thing I have felt for a long time is that the worst version of, like, ‘a human man’ is a guy who is ignorant but arrogant. And so we wanted to play a guy that was ignorant, yes, but also curious - and that’s a subtle touch."