Jay Kay's spinal injury was 'the worst thing' ever

Jay Kay's spinal injury was "the worst thing" that has ever happened to him.

The 47-year-old singer was forced to undergo a life-threatening operation earlier this year because he suffered from chronic back pain, and the Jamiroquai frontman has admitted having a "big needle" jabbed straight through the nerve was the most painful experience he has endured.

Speaking about the incident and the aftermath to the Daily Star newspaper, the 'Too Young To Die' hitmaker said: "It was the worst thing that happened to me, I just went for the big needle right into the nerve."

And the musician has decided to "take it easy" since the operation and has decided to tone down his performances to prevent any possible injuries in the future.

He explained: "So I'm kind of taking it easy, you realise coming up for 48 that you can't do leaping around eight foot on stage."

Jay was forced to cancel a string of tour dates, which included two London concerts as well as shows in Tokyo and Greece, following his surgery, but his career is not the only thing that Jay has had to put on hold as he has also had to give up his love of car racing.

Jay - whose full name is Jason Cheetham - said: "It's hard because racing cars on a track are solid as a rock.

"I think 'Yeah I'd love to do that' then I think: 'Oh no, you're not.'"

The 'Cosmic Girl' singer has admitted 2017 has been a "tough year" for him, but he is adamant he will not disappoint his fans and has rescheduled the cancelled dates for December 3 and December 6.

Speaking previously he said: "2017 is turning out to be a tough year."

Jamiroquai are set to take to the stage at London's O2 on December 3 and December 6 to make up for the cancelled gigs on June 23 and 24.