Jay Slater: Emergency services using drones hone in on specific area in search for missing teen

Emergency services searching for missing British teenager Jay Slater have honed in on a specific area, authorities have said.

Police officers told Sky News they were examining the area, a rock face where there is a water source, with the help of drones.

They said the land they were focusing on was arid, barren and difficult to get to on foot.

The search for the 19-year-old from Lancashire, who is missing in Tenerife, has now entered its 10th day.

He has been missing since Monday 17 June. The friends he was holidaying with last heard from him at around 8.30am that day.

Jay told his friends he planned to walk back to his accommodation after missing a bus - a journey of around 11 hours by foot.

The search currently centres on Masca, a mountainous area on the western tip of the island.

The village, which is home to around 90 inhabitants, lies at an altitude of 650 metres, and is where Mr Slater is believed to have been when he was last heard from.

Search continues

Spanish police have also released new footage of the hunt for the teenager after Mr Slater's father said the family were being kept in the dark by some officers.

It shows a helicopter searching the mountainous area, with search teams on foot having been joined by sniffer dogs.

They then enter a wooded area and proceed to search the mountainous region.

In one clip, an officer uses binoculars to try and see if there are any signs of the missing teen.

The 35-second montage of clips was posted on the X social media platform on the Guardia Civil account.

"We continue with the search for the young British man missing in Tenerife," police said in the post on Tuesday night.

"Different Guardia Civil units from the area participate, joined by agents, with their dogs specialised in searching for people, from Madrid."

But The Times reports the dogs have not been given a piece of Mr Slater's clothing for them to pick up a scent.

Cadaver dogs have been trained to pick up the scent of human remains without the need for a specific prompt.

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Mayor Emilio Jose Navarro told the Reuters news agency some locals have been interviewed by police, including some who claim they saw Mr Slater watching Euro matches on the coast.