Jeanine Pirro Cites Truly Bizarre Reason For Patriot Fan's Stadium Death

Jeanine Pirro suggested Tuesday that the death of a New England Patriots fan after allegedly being punched in the stands was due in part to participation trophies. (Watch the video below.)

It was a reach, and outlets like Media Matters and The Daily Beast called out the Fox News host for it.

The Five” co-host Dana Perino provided the lead-in for Pirro by noting a pervasive “lack of humanity,” and then it was off to the races.

“We learned about good sportsmanship ― that when you lose you have to learn to be polite,” Pirro said. “Think about it in this world today, we’re all winners, OK? No one is being taught that there’s a winner and there’s a loser. Everybody is a winner, everybody gets a trophy. That’s what’s going on in schools today.”

“It’s almost like then you go to a game and there really are losers and it’s amazing that people who don’t even have skin in the game, they’re not even a part of the team,” she continued. “They become so outraged that they are willing to kill somebody.”

Dale Mooney, 53, of New Hampshire, died Sunday at the New England Patriots’ Gillette Stadium after witnesses say he was struck by a Miami Dolphins fan. No charges had been filed as of early Wednesday.

See Pirro’s comments below:

CORRECTION: Due to an editing error, a prior version of this story included the incorrect video.