All About Jeff Bezos' Space-Themed Bar at His West Texas Ranch

The bar is named the Kármán Line Bar — titled after the boundary between Earth and space, which is known as the Kármán line

Karwai Tang/WireImage Jeff Bezos photographed attending
Karwai Tang/WireImage Jeff Bezos photographed attending 'The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power' premiere

Jeff Bezos's love for space extends past his aerospace company Blue Origin — and into his private bar.

Lauren Sánchez revealed in a new Vogue profile that the Amazon founder also has a space-themed bar dubbed the Kármán Line Bar located on his West Texas ranch property — just a few miles away from one of his Blue Origin facilities.

Like Bezos’ Blue Origin venture, space is the key theme that appeared to direct the decorations around the bar. This is highlighted by memorabilia including a poster of Yuri Gagarin, who was the first man in space, and even a letter from the renowned American astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who piloted Apollo 11 and was the second person to walk on the Moon after Neil Armstrong.

The space theme is also prevalent in the glasses in which the drinks were served. In Sánchez’s profile, it was noted that Bezos took a turn as a bartender and made margaritas with rocket-ship-shaped cocktail shakers — something Sánchez told Vogue she found on eBay.

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As for the glasses in which the cocktails were served, they also had ties to Blue Origin, having been reportedly modeled after the company’s rocket capsule, with porthole-shaped engravings for the design.

Sánchez told the outlet that the idea for the ranch building-turned-bar was all Bezos's, and that he had named the place after the boundary between Earth and space, which is known as the Kármán Line.

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However, Bezos isn’t the only one with a love for space. Sánchez previously has also shown interest, announcing her plan to visit space with an all-female crew in a 2022 interview with CNN. Originally, she hoped to launch into orbit in 2023, but the trip has now been delayed to 2024.

According to Vogue, Sánchez plans to board “the New Shepard” — a 60-foot, reusable suborbital rocket created from Blue Origin — with five other women, whose identities remain secret.

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As for the pair’s upcoming nuptials, Sánchez told the publication she is “100 percent” looking forward to the wedding. The two began dating in early 2019, shortly after they both divorced from their previous partners.

However, the former pilot added that they have not gotten too far with wedding planning. “We’re still thinking about the wedding [and] what it’s going to be,” Sánchez said. “Is it going to be big? Is it going to be overseas? We don’t know yet. We’ve only been engaged five months!”

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