Jeff Bezos treated to ‘window shopping trip’ of royal family’s treasures before dining with Tom Cruise

Jeff Bezos was reportedly treated to a “window shopping trip” of the royal family’s treasures before dining with Tom Cruise.
The Amazon founder, 58, is said to have spent an hour gazing at gems, artworks and prized possessions with his relatives during a special Buckingham Palace tour.
All were within buying range of Bezos – recently dethroned as world’s richest man by Elon Musk – due to his estimated £123 billion fortune, but none are for sale.
The Sun said a highlight of his visit would have been seeing a display including the Queen’s iconic Diamond Diadem set with 1,333 brilliant-cut diamonds and 169 freshwater pearls.
Bezos is understood to have spent £90 per ticket for the after-hours tour before dining with ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ actor star Cruise.
The Hollywood veteran now wants his own tour.
A source told the paper: “The Bezos visit is already jokingly being nicknamed a ‘shopping trip’ by Palace staff.
“He showed a particular interest in the Throne Room and Ballroom.”
The State Rooms were closed to the public since the summer of 2019 due to COVID-19.
They also contain masterpieces by Rubens, Rembrandt and Canaletto.
The ‘Platinum Jubilee: The Queen’s Accession’ exhibition opened on Friday (22.07.22) and runs until October 2, with regular entry £60, and exclusive £90 tickets coming with a guide.
Bezos was believed to be with around 30 family and friends for his private tour on Monday (25.07.22) that started at 6.30pm.
The source added: “It overlapped slightly with the public opening, so he was moved room to room discreetly to hide his visit from the day’s last remaining visitors.”
He was later seen with partner Lauren Sanchez, 52, at a restaurant in Mayfair where they were joined by 60-year-old Tom, who recently celebrated his landmark birthday.