Jeffrey Dean Morgan adopts an inseparable emu and donkey

The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan has adopted an emu and donkey who had forged an inseparable bond to give them a "forever home".

The 52-year-old American actor may be best known for playing villainous character Negan in the zombie apocalypse series, however, on Tuesday evening (04.12.18) he proved he has a heart of gold by taking the animal duo, named Jack and Diane, to his New York farm that he shares with his wife Hilarie Burton, 36, after discovering their one-of-a-kind love story on social media.

On Twitter, Jeffrey wrote: "Hey there ... read the story... if you are looking for a forever home for jack and diane? Happy to take them, and keep them together at our farm. They would be a welcome addition to our menagerie of happy creatures. Xojd (sic)"

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue posted on Tuesday evening via Facebook (05.12.18): "Loading up the trailer with our super star donkey emu team. We loaded Jack first and Diane stayed near him looking concerned. Once he was out of sight she frantically drummed for him. She willingly loaded up and has settled down next to Jack. We decided to leave in the wee hours so we can get them to their new home before lunch and have some good daylight time for them to get settled. Emus also travel better at night when it's dark. We will be on the road for the next couple of hours while Jack and Diane sleep. They will wake up and be at their new home with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton.

"We are excited and hope that everyone can keep up with Jack and Diane at their new home. Jeffrey frequently posts pictures of his farm and animals on social media. (sic)"

The actor took to Twitter to say that the duo even remained inseparable during the journey to Jeffrey's farm, as Diane had crawled underneath the door and "laid between Jack's legs".

Jeffrey added: "One last story about J&D. When they got here today... in a 3 or 4 stall trailer ... Diane had crawled underneath the door separating them and rode for god knows how many hours, laying beneath/between Jacks legs. Made me smile big. Love is an amazing thing. Goodnight. (sic)"