Jenna Dewan wants third child

Jenna Dewan is considering having a third child.

The 'Step Up' star is currently pregnant with her second child - her first with boyfriend Steve Kazee - but is already thinking about expanding her brood further, although she isn't sure on the subject and wants "the universe" to decide for her.

When asked if she could see herself having more children, Jenna - who has six-year-old daughter Everly with ex-husband Channing Tatum - said: "This time around, people are asking me, 'Are you done?' Every time I go to say, 'I'm done,' I can't say it, so it's very interesting to me. I'm going, 'Am I going to have another kid?' I don't know, I'll leave it up to the universe."

The 'Flirty Dancing' host, 39, says she "likes" being pregnant, and so could see herself going through the process for a third time in the future.

Speaking to Eric Winter and Roselyn Sanchez on their 'He Said, Ella Dijo' podcast, she added: "I do like people pregnant. The first trimester of this particular pregnancy, I was sick a lot. I was nauseous a lot. ... but I like to be pregnant, I'm pretty good."

Jenna will likely get the seal of approval from her daughter Everly when it comes to having more children, as she recently revealed the youngster has been getting herself prepared for when her sibling arrives.

The 'Soundtrack' star explained: "She just said to me this morning, 'I'm preparing myself for that baby to cry all the time.'

"It was so adult and she asked me if the baby cried in the night if she could get out of her bed and go sing the baby song. And I was like, that is so sweet."

And whilst Everly is planning for sleepless nights, Jenna says she's "excited" about the new baby and what it will mean for her life.

She added: "[Everly is] old enough to understand that she's going to have responsibilities and she's a big sister. She's taking it very seriously."