Jenna Ortega 'knows nothing' about Wednesday season two

Jenna Ortega knows "nothing" about the second season of 'Wednesday'.
The 20-year-old actress plays Wednesday Addams in the hit Netflix show - but Jenna insists she doesn't know anything about the new series.
She explained: "I have seen nothing and I know nothing.
"I feel like as an actor you're sometimes told what to do, but I'm waiting on it. I think they're just starting to get a writers' room together so ... maybe soon."
Lady Gaga recently recreated Jenna's iconic dance from 'Wednesday' for a TikTok video. And Jenna admits that the video was "really, really sweet".
Speaking before the Golden Globes at the The Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (10.01.23), Jenna told Variety: "It's really strange.
"You know what's funny, a long time ago I worked with a hairdresser who had worked with her. And I had just seen Lady Gaga in concert in Boston a couple of years before and she made me a video saying, 'Hey Jenna, I heard you're a fan...' It was a really, really sweet video.
"So to then be able ... I doubt she remembers or had any idea who I am ... but to see her do that now, it's kind of one of those moments when you acknowledge that life changes really, really fast. It's really crazy."
Meanwhile, Christina Ricci recently heaped praise on Jenna, describing her 'Wednesday' co-star as "amazing".
The 42-year-old actress starred as Wednesday in the 'Addams Family' movies in the early 90s, and she's been impressed by Jenna since they started working together on the Netflix show.
Christina - who played another character in the show - explained: "I loved being Wednesday.
"I’m very proud of that role. I also think Jenna Ortega is amazing. She is so brave, so cool, and really doing the part justice. Wednesday is her part now ... [and] those two things can be true at the same time!"