Jennifer Aniston’s Hair Detangler Is a Savior for “Thick, Color-Treated” Strands, Per Shoppers

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I’m immediately adding it to my cart.

I’ve coveted glossy hair for years — and yet, I do nothing to help my strands reach such a state. Short of a spectacular hair mask I discovered this year, I’ve yet to find a sheen-enhancing hair product that A) works, and B) I can be bothered to incorporate into my already scrambled morning routine. Instead, I skip protection when things get hot: my straightener, a real strand-scorcher, is set to an unnecessarily toasty temp, for instance. Consequently, my hair has a haylike appearance and the bone-dry texture of bonfire tinder. Then there’s tangling, a tendency for my current 18-inch extensions, which have ended up in tight, rough knots that require scissors to remedy.

Leave it to Jennifer Aniston, the sacred saint of shiny, healthy hair, to swoop in and solve my woes. ICYMI: The actor created her own product line, LolaVie, which has garnered ample acclaim for its powerful, plant-based formulas. As of this week, LolaVie’s entire collection is available at Credo Beauty, a “clean” beauty retailer with notoriously strict ingredient standards and a tightly curated product offering. The news is a big deal, as Aniston pointed out in a recent celebratory Instagram post.




LolaVie’s entire lineup is calling my name, but the brand’s Glossing Detangler is the real siren’s song. Per its description, it delivers exactly what my dry, rat’s nest needs in a single, mistable formula. Shoppers, over 1,000 of whom have already given it a full five-stars on Credo’s site, say the product keeps its promises.

The LolaVie Glossing Detangler is a multi-purpose hair enhancer created for all types and textures. As its name implies, the formula is designed to smooth through tangles, annihilate knots, and leave a glossy sheen and softer, smoother strands in its wake. Additionally, it protects hair from extreme, moisture-sapping hot tool heat (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, per the brand), in turn preventing damage to support overall hair health. The product is available in three sizes, including a mini two-oncethat’s TSA approved. Incidentally, there’s a travel-friendly set of all of LolaVie best-sellers, too. Why not swap out the invariably subpar hotel shampoo next time you travel?




I’ve ignored every stylist’s advice (ever) regarding traditional heat protecting sprays, simply because the concept sounds cumbersome. The LolaVie mist, however, is a compelling sell. Key ingredients include chia seeds and ceramides, which infuse fatty acids and strengthening protection into strands. Better yet, it has a pleasant scent thanks to notes of citrus from fresh lemon and a hint of rose linger throughout the day. (I’ve always wanted to be the person whose hair smells amazing — haven’t you?)

One shopper, who has “thick, color-treated hair,” said the spray works unlike any other product they’ve tried, leaving their hair “shiny, soft, and very healthy-looking.” Another fan, whose “very thick, heavy, [and] long” hair is prone to oiliness, said their hair is “silky soft… for the first time in literally decades.” Both reviewers, in addition to many more shoppers, also say the formula smells fantastic.

If you, like I, are lusting after luxuriously shiny hair, look into LolaVie at Credo Beauty. If the LolaVie Glossing Detangler brings my hair even a nano-step closer to Jennifer Anniston-level health, I’ll have found my saving, shine-inducing grace. Judging by rave reviews, it seems I’m likely in luck.

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