Jennifer Aniston ready for 2019

Jennifer Aniston can't wait for the year to end.

The 'Dumplin'' actress - who announced in February she and her husband Justin Theroux had separated at the end of 2017 - admitted she and her friends haven't particularly enjoyed 2018 so she's looking forward to embracing "new beginnings".

She told USA Today newspaper: "First off, I cannot believe it's already December. That's outrageous. I'm excited for 'Dumplin'' to come out.

"And I'm excited for 2018 to move on. It was the year of the dog. I don't know if there's one person you can come into contact with who wasn't like, 'This year can go [f**k] itself.' Know what I mean?

"A lot of people passing and a lot of endings that can only create room for new growth and new beginnings. That's what I'm excited about."

And the 49-year-old star described the recent California wildfires - which destroyed thousands of homes - and the current volatile political climate as "biblical" but she's expecting change to come.

She said: "It's biblical. We're literally living in biblical times. But I feel like something has got to give."

But on a positive tone, Jennifer is pleased her old sitcom 'Friends' is as popular as ever, following Netflix's recent announcement they are bowing to public demand and will continue screening old episodes throughout 2019.

She said: "Apparently 'Friends' was going to be taken off Netflix. Then it wasn't. Was there really a frenzy about it? Or a 'Friend'-sy?"

Asked if she got involved with keeping it on the streaming service, she replied: "I didn't. It must've been the support and love of those ever-faithful 'Friends' fans. 'Friends' isn't dead. It's alive and well."