Jennifer Grey says Johnny Depp was 'crazy jealous and paranoid' when they were together

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Jennifer Grey has said that Johnny Depp was "crazy jealous and paranoid" when they were together.
The 62-year-old actress had a relationship with Johnny - who is currently embroiled in a multi million dollar defamation trial after he sued ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million when she described herself as a victim of domestic violence in a newspaper - in the late 1980s and has claimed that while her days with the 'Fantastic Beasts' star started off well but he soon became paranoid about what she was up to when he was away.
She said: "We ate, talked, drank Jack Daniel’s, laughed our a**es off, took cigarette breaks midcourse. He was so ridiculously beautiful. And surprisingly open, funny, quirky and sweet. But Johnny was commuting every week back and forth from Vancouver, but had begun more and more regularly to be getting into trouble: fights in bars, skirmishes with cops."
The 'Dirty Dancing' star - who was later to married MCU actor Clark Gregg between 2001 and 2021 and has daughter Stella, 20, with him - went on to allege that Johnny would "miss flights" home from filming his role in '21 Jump Street' and attributed his temper to not being able to leave his role on the series.
In an excerpt of her new memoir, 'Out of the Corner', she writes: "He’d started missing his flights home to LA having overslept or, when he did come home, he’d be crazy jealous and paranoid about what I’d been up to while he was gone. I attributed his ill temper and unhappiness to him feeling miserable and powerless to get off '21 Jump Street.' [When things ended], he was literally like, 'Are you f******* kidding me? Are you f******* kidding me?!' I've never seen a guy like this!"

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