Jennifer Lopez took fiancé Alex Rodriguez to strip club

Jennifer Lopez took her fiancé Alex Rodriguez to a strip club.

The 49-year-old actress asked her beau, whom she's been dating for two years, if he'd join her for a trip to the kinky bar in New York City so that she could "interrogate" the dancers for her new film 'Hustlers'.

Speaking on The Breakfast Club, the 43-year-old former baseball player said: "I was out in LA. She's in New York. She goes: 'Baby, I'm going to the strip club.' I said: 'Whoa! I'll be there on Thursday. We can go Thursday and Friday.' I mean, it's part of due diligence, right?

"It was just great. I mean, the fact that no matter what job she's doing, she actually just converts into that person. And she needed to - I mean, she read and read and read. I said: 'Baby, stop reading. Just ask me. I got the info.'

"And she started asking me real questions. They're like: 'What would they look for? What do you do?' Bla-bla-bla and I almost knew too much, which was kinda scary. But anyways, we went down, and honestly, we sat down with girls, and we were just literally interrogating them, asking them questions."

But, although the 'On the Floor' hitmaker - who plays a stripper alongside rapper Cardi B in the new film - didn't get an exotic dance, she still had to cough up $4,000 in exchange for the answers to her questions.

Alex explained: "Then we would hit 'em up with, you know, four or five Gs and say, you know - I'm sorry, $4-5-600 - just, you know: 'Thanks for your time,' and then we'll move on to the next. We weren't there for dancing.

"We were literally there for work and it was very helpful."

And that wasn't the only research Jennifer - who has 11-year-old twins Max and Emme with her ex-husband Marc Anthony - did in preparation for the film as she also took pole dancing lessons to make sure she had the sexy moves mastered.