Jennifer Lopez Wore the Newest Coach Bag That Looks Straight From the ‘80s

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Jennifer Lopez has been working with Coach since the end of 2019. But in typical Lopez fashion, she’s gone above and beyond the call of duty, wearing the brand on repeat in her daily life, on the regular. Most recently, she’s been spotted in the newest collection featuring art by New York legend Jean-Michel Basquiat.

While the latest collection doesn’t feature Barbra Streisand’s face (a tough act to follow), it still calls to mind a different time — and nostalgia can be a beautiful escape from thinking about what’s going on this year.The Basquiat x Coach collection is an ode to a highly romanticized ‘80s New York City featuring illustrations by one of the time period’s biggest icons. If you’ve been looking for a time machine, this is probably the closest you’ll get for now.

While the collection has everything from shoulder bags to hoodies to trench coats, Lopez seems partial to the Basquiat Beat Shoulder Bag 18 which she wore on a recent outing in New York City. She styled it as part of a look that’s actually unusually minimalfor her, pairing the bag with an oversized white button down and pleated brown trousers. But then again,when your bag features a scribbled drawing of New York City’s iconic skyline, it makes sense to pare down the rest of your look so it can have it’s much deserved chance to shine.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the New York illustration was the Bronx native’s favorite from the collection, but there are also a handful of others featuring bananas, dinosaurs wearing crowns, and the word “famous.” It’s the perfect accessory to transport you into another fashion universe and distract you from everything else that’s happening right now, if at least not momentarily. If nothing else it’ll clearly help you channel your inner J.Lo, which is another respite we’ll gladly indulge in.

Shop Jennifer Lopez’s Coach Bag, and others from the latest Basquiat collection, below.

Coach x Jean-Michel Basquiat Beat Shoulder Bag 18

Shop now: $550;

Coach x Jean-Michel Basquiat Rogue 25

Shop now: $795;

Coach X Jean-Michel Basquiat Alie Camera Bag With Snakeskin Detail

Shop now: $395;

Coach X Jean-Michel Basquiat Rogue 39 With Snakeskin Detail

Shop now: $1,300;

Coach X Jean-Michel Basquiat Square Bag

Shop now: $795;

Coach X Jean-Michel Basquiat Rogue Crossbody 20

Shop now: $450;

Coach X Jean-Michel Basquiat Wells Backpack

Shop now: $995;

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