Jenny Mollen: I'll have another kid if Jason Biggs carries it!

Jenny Mollen would love to have another child - if her husband Jason Biggs could get pregnant.

The 40-year-old actress endured two tough pregnancies with their sons Sid, five, and Lazlo, two, so has now joked the only way she can see herself having a third child is if her husband Jason could somehow carry the baby to term himself.

Asked if she would consider having another child, she teased: "I mean, if [Jason] could carry it, totally. Or if somebody could present me with a 2-year-old that looked just like me, I would take in a heartbeat."

The 'Amateur Night' star says she's "doing good" with her family the way it is, and says it would be "a lot" to juggle a third pregnancy.

She added to People magazine: "I'm doing good with two boys, especially with [Jason] being out of town shooting in LA. It's a lot for him to ask for me to be pregnant and taking care of his kids right now."

Jenny's comments come after Jason, 41, said last year he would love to have a baby girl.

The 'Orange is the New Black' star said: "A girl would be amazing. We really go back and forth about it, because we did good - we love our two kids and they're incredible.

"They're really starting to interact with each other and play with each other, kind of starting to become buddies."

And Jason echoed Jenny's quip about being "handed" a toddler rather than giving birth, because he doesn't want his spouse to endure another tough pregnancy.

He added: "If you just handed me a baby girl right now, I'd be like, 'Great, I'll keep her.' I'd walk away with it and be like, 'This wasn't anyone's, right? Okay, cool, I can take it home? Perfect, done.'

"I think Jenny would agree. Jenny did not have great pregnancies, so she's not keen on [the] idea [of another pregnancy]. If you could just hand us a little baby girl, we'd be like, 'Awesome!' "