Jesse L. Martin Gets Psyched About 'Bereavement Sex' and the 'Perfect Crime' in 'The Irrational' (Exclusive)

PEOPLE has the exclusive First Look at NBC's new drama series, which premieres Sept. 25

Jesse L. Martin is back in action!

PEOPLE has the exclusive first trailer for The Irrational, an upcoming investigative drama series arriving this fall that promises lots of action and peculiar mystery-solving.

Martin, 54, plays distinguished behavioral science professor Alec Mercer, who is called upon to use his expert knowledge to work out puzzling mysteries in high-stake cases linked  to governments, law enforcement and corporations.

“I was brought in because I know people and why they do inexplicable things,” Mercer explains in the trailer, before listing “bereavement sex” and “attentional blindness” among the unique cases he covers.

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<p>Sergei Bachlakov/NBC</p> Jessie L. Martin as Alec and Travina Springer as Kylie in 'The Irrational'

Sergei Bachlakov/NBC

Jessie L. Martin as Alec and Travina Springer as Kylie in 'The Irrational'

Mercer uses his keen insight and depth in understanding of human behavior to lead a team along with him in getting closer to solving each illogical case throughout the series.

“People are irrational, but predictably so,” the professor says. “One error of judgment leads to another."

The Irrational also stars Maahra Hill, Travina Springer, Molly Kunz and Arash DeMaxi. The series is executive produced by Arika Lisanne Mittman, Mark Goffman and Sam Baum.

<p>Sergei Bachlakov/NBC</p>

Sergei Bachlakov/NBC

Martin recently portrayed detective Joe West for eight seasons of The CW's The Flash, which wrapped in May.

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Before that, he earned his investigative cred on nine seasons of Law & Order, then dipped back into the world of notorious crimes last August as host of HLN's How It Really Happened with Jesse. L Martin.

"My agents, managers came to me and said, 'Here's an interesting project,'" Martin told PEOPLE last year. "And I never thought of myself as a host, really, of anything. I rather enjoy being able to hide myself in a character. But this was such a cool project. It became a great, great gig for me."

"I'm fascinated by is mystery," he said. "Seeing it from the angle that I'm seeing it, as the host, is the most fascinating thing to me. It's amazing to be part of something where you're literally on the pulse of what's actually happening.  These mysteries aren't solved, so they're continuously being investigated. So even as we air, the story's changing. That's really fascinating to me."

<p>Sergei Bachlakov/NBC</p>

Sergei Bachlakov/NBC

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The Irrational debuts Sept. 25 on NBC.

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