Jessica Mann claims Harvey Weinstein forced oral sex on her after she consoled him following the death of his mother

Harvey Weinstein accuser Jessica Mann has alleged the producer "put himself in [her] mouth" when she visited him to console him after the death of his mother.

Jessica has been taking to the stand at Weinstein's ongoing sexual assault trial in Manhattan over the past week, and on Tuesday (04.02.20), she recalled the last time she remembers having a sexual encounter with the disgraced producer.

The 34 year old - who has accused Weinstein of raping her twice - explained to jurors at Manhattan Supreme Court that she visited the movie mogul in November 2016 following the death of his mother, because she "understood grief" after having lost her father a year earlier.

Jessica - who has admitted she had a non-sexual relationship with Weinstein before the alleged rape took place in 2013 - said: "He needed to be consoled for his grief, and he wanted to talk to me because I understood grief."

She then claimed Weinstein was "naked on the bed" when he arrived at the hotel where he was staying, and alleged he forced oral sex on her.

Jessica explained: "He's naked on the bed and wants to do something sexual.

"I think he masturbated in a mirror and put himself in my mouth, and it was the second time that fluid ever came out ... and it disgusted me."

The witness appeared in court last week to speak about the alleged rape - which took place in New York in 2013 - and again on Monday (03.02.20), where she was cross-examined by Weinstein's defence team.

During the court session on Monday, Jessica suffered a panic attack on the stand, after being asked to read a letter she had written to a former boyfriend, which mentioned she had been sexually assaulted when she was younger.

The witness was asked to read the note, in which she talked about her relationship with Weinstein, describing him as a father figure who validated her, and she began to cry when she read a line that revealed she had been sexually abused long before meeting the movie mogul when she was 27.

A short break took place to allow Jessica to compose herself, but she struggled as lead prosecutor, Joan Illuzzi, tried to comfort her.

She was told: "Sit back. Take a deep breath."

When she was still unable to calm down, the judge adjourned the trial for the day and the witness appeared to be struggling to breathe as she left the court room, still crying.