Jessica Simpson: My baby is growing up too fast!

Jessica Simpson says her youngest daughter is "growing up too fast".

The 39-year-old singer's daughter Birdie Mae will celebrate her first birthday in just a few weeks on March 19, and Jessica has said she's shocked at how quickly the past 12 months have gone by.

She said: "She's about to be one. I can't believe it. I don't want her to grow up too fast. She's already crawling around everywhere and now she trying to walk and I'm like 'hold on, hold on, just keep crawling.' "

And the tot already has a favourite parent, which Jessica has lamented is her father - and Jessica's husband - Eric Johnson.

She added: "She is definitely a daddy's girl. I have to make sure he doesn't walk in the room so I can have time with Birdie. She'll just want Eric because Eric is so big and he can make her fly around the room. I'm like, 'Mum is not that tall' and I can't do that!"

Despite preferring her father, Birdie is starting to follow in her mother's footsteps, as she "loves music".

Jessica - who also has daughter Maxwell, seven, and son Ace, six, with Eric - explained to People magazine: "She loves music and I think it's because I was in a very creative mode and I wrote the book while I was pregnant with her and I also was singing.

"With my other kiddos I totally took a break from life and just wanted to create life and live a normal life. Birdie has this whole vibe about her. I literally call her my little songbird.

"Even this morning, she was like 'La la la la la' and I was trying to get her to sing my sister's song [Ashlee Simpson's 2014 hit 'La La']."