Jessie J shares routine to deal with anxiety

Jessie J lies on the floor to combat her anxiety.
The 'One More Try' singer spends time at the end of each day feeling her body in order to be "present" within herself, and though people may think her routine is "crazy", it works for her, especially when it comes to helping her with her anxious thoughts and feelings.
She said: "When I walk in the door, I want calm. I just try to tap into myself. I will often lie on the floor and just feel my body, because I can get into my head a lot and that's really bad for anxiety.
"So I'll try and pull my mind back into my body and just be present with myself.
"That probably sounds crazy to some people but I don't care."
The 31-year-old pop star - who this week split from 'Magic Mike' actor Channing Tatum - likes to meditate in the evenings and has learned to be kinder to herself thanks to her therapist.
In an interview with Britain's Grazia magazine, she said: "I have a therapist who taught me that the way we speak to ourselves, we would never tolerate from somebody else.
"And that there's a person in all of us that is struggling with trauma, with grief, with pain, with neglect, and they're inside going, 'I really need your help.' So I do meditation in the evenings."
And it's important to Jessie to get enough sleep every night.
She said: "I like to get six to eight hours sleep I have these Calvin Klein bed sheets, it's like my bed is wearing underwear.
"So I'm sleeping in my Calvins, I've had a lot of dreams about being in the sea, which means you're trying to get into your unconscious."
Jessie and Channing, 39, ended their relationship this week after dating for a little over a year, but remain good friends.