Jessie Ware has left 'sad mum songs' behind

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Jessie Ware has struggled to balance parenthood and her pop career.
The 38-year-old singer has three children with her husband Sam Burrows, and Jessie admits that her attitude changed around the release of her third album, 'Glasshouse', in 2017.
She told the BBC: "I was maybe masking how hard I was finding it. And I was writing this autobiographical record without being ready. I didn't know how to fully kind of jump [into that world]."
Jessie has traded her "sad mum" songs for more upbeat tracks in recent years.
The singer admits that her fourth studio album, 'What's Your Pleasure?' - which was released amid the COVID-19 pandemic - has revitalised her career.
She said: "When I made it, I was like, 'I know, I'll go out with a bang'. And I didn't go out with a bang, so now I'm off to the races!"
Meanwhile, Jessie recently admitted that she previously "self-loathed and apologised for [herself] for far too long".
The music star - who released her debut album, 'Devotion', in 2012 - told The Independent: "I didn’t think I was very good. And I’m sad about that now. I didn’t think I was deserving of attention and acclaim. It really irked me.
"I’d seen people around me have their careers taken away in an instant and I felt like I’d [experienced] quite smooth-sailing.
"I self-loathed and apologised for myself for far too long."
Jessie recognises that she's "never been a struggling artist", despite her self-doubts.
The singer continued: "I’ve never wanted people to think I’ve had a tough time in the industry. I’m making celebratory music that’s meant to be enjoyed. And that’s not that complicated. I’m not that complicated."