Jesy Nelson 'learns to love herself' and embrace her 'chubby' belly

Jesy Nelson has "learnt to love herself" and embrace her own body.
The former Little Mix star has reflected on her "little journey of love" for herself over the past year as she's been "taking time out" to focus on her music and do the things she loves.
In an Instagram video, she said: "Over this past year I've been taking time out and really focusing on my music, just doing the things that I love and being around the people I love.
"I've genuinely proper learnt to love myself and I have just noticed little changes in me that I never thought would happen.
"Like little things, I used to wear my trousers up here like Simon Cowell and now they are down here and I am embracing the little chubs belly and I just love it. I don’t care anymore."
The 31-year-old singer urged her followers to "bloody embrace" their own bodies and ignore any critics.
She continued: "What I wanted to say is whether you're skinny or whether you're chubby or whether you're big or whatever, just bloody embrace it because life is far too short to give a s*** what anyone else thinks.
"And I know it’s so much easier said than done, but the day you stop caring is the day you start bloody living."
She quipped: "Let's all embrace the pot bellies and eat more!"
Meanwhile, last summer Jesy confessed to crying "like a baby" while listening to her upcoming solo album.
She wrote on her Instagram Story: "Just sat here listening to my album in the car and I've literally cried my eyes out like a baby.
"I've honestly never felt more proud. I cannot wait to share it with you guys.
"There's things I've written on there that I've never, ever spoken about, I've poured my heart and soul into this and hope you love it as much as I do and the people that have worked just as hard on it with me."