Jetstar passenger shuts down critics after 'disgraceful' experience with baby: 'Missing the point'

The mum said Jetstar staff need a "lesson in manners" after her recent experience with the airline.

The mum purses his lips at the camera (left) and passengers boarding a Jetstar plane (right).
The mum called Jetstar staff 'disgraceful' after they didn't help her with her luggage while travelling with her baby last week. Source: TikTok/Getty

A mum is pushing back against critics calling her "entitled" after she slammed Jetstar staff who allegedly didn't help her while travelling alone with her baby last week.

The woman flew from Melbourne to the Gold Coast last Friday on a different flight than her sister, after the original one they both booked had been cancelled. The mum wasn't initially daunted by the task of travelling alone with her baby but said she was quickly disappointed when staff wouldn't help her when her hands were full.

"I've got my daughter on my hip, nappy bag, pram in the hand. I literally don't have a hand free," she said on social media recalling the ordeal.

She claims she asked a worker if someone would help her with her bags, to which the worker allegedly replied, "well, only if they want to". Later she requested assistance to manoeuvre her stuff and her baby across the tarmac, to which she was allegedly told it wasn't the worker's responsibility. An infant seatbelt was also thrust onto her "spare finger" when she was told her child would need it for the flight.

"She [the airline worker] literally rolls her eyes at me... all the staff need to go get a lesson in manners," she said.

After sharing her experience online, some called the mum out for expecting others to help her and said it isn't the job of airline workers to give her special treatment.

However, she has since defended her opinion, saying she isn't expecting her baby to be anyone else's responsibility.

"Think everyone is somehow missing the simple point that I am not saying it is anyone's responsibility, I'm saying they have no human decency asking for help to get across a wet tarmac is not entitled," she said, adding: "We flew Virgin on the return and had a much better experience entirely."

Yahoo News reached out to the airline who confirmed their "customer care team has reached out to her to better understand what happened".

"We want all parents to feel welcome and comfortable on our flights and we’re really sorry to hear about her experience," a Jetstar spokesperson said.

Yahoo News understands the mum and her sister made separate bookings for the same flight, and this is why they were not rebooked on the same flight to the Gold Coast.

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