Jetstar passengers lose it over woman's bizarre act on flight

An unexpected in-flight performance has stunned Jetstar travellers.

Jetstar has responded after a woman was caught on camera taking over the in-flight microphone on a recent flight, sending fellow passengers into hysterics.

Video shows the woman in question singing over the PA System, seemingly without a care in the world, as the person filming her antics and a friend try to contain their laughter.

"WTF is going on?" the TikToker who shared the clip wrote, adding that the flight had been delayed by two hours before the unexpected performance took place.

Jetstar passenger singing into PA system; Jetstar passenger laughing
Jetstar passengers were stunned when a woman broke into song over the PA system on a delayed flight. Source: TikTok/@conorclarke84

Viewers in stitches

Social media users were amused by the incident, with many saying it reminded them of a classic movie scene. "Annie in Bridesmaids," one viewer commented, referring to Kristen Wiig's character, who has a mid-air meltdown in the film. "We need to normalise people like her in society ... protect her at all costs," another said.

However, others weren't too impressed with the passenger's vocals on Edith Piaf's signature song La Vie en rose, with someone writing, "thank god for headphones," and another adding, "I'd open the emergency exit for sure".

Jetstar laughs off bizarre incident

The official Jetstar TikTok account joined the fun, commenting, "now that's in-flight entertainment".

However, the airline later clarified that it doesn't encourage such acts. "While we enjoyed the impromptu in-flight entertainment, and this customer channelling their inner Edith Piaf, the PA system should only be used by crew, so this does need to be a one off," a Jetstar spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

The spokesperson also addressed the flight delay, saying it isn't indicative of Jetstar's recent record: "We sincerely apologise to customers who experienced the disruption to their flight. Our teams worked really hard to get them on their way as soon as possible. More of our flights are departing on time and fewer are being cancelled after big improvements in our punctuality and reliability in recent months."

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