Jimmy Buffett's sister reveals how he spent his final hours

Jimmy Buffett spent his final days "laughing" about childhood memories.
The 'Margaritaville' died last Friday (01.09.23) at the age of 76 following a battle with a rare type of skin cancer and now his sister Laurie, 74, has explained that her brother had "never seemed depressed", right up until the end of his life.
She told People: "We shared memories of our childhood with Jimmy during his last days. We would repeat stories, and Jimmy would laugh and nod his head to let us know that he remembered. I have never seen Jimmy depressed ever. Not even at the end. We all like to joke and laugh and that was very much Jimmy."
Laurie - who is married to writer Thomas McGuane - went on to admint that even though she has her husband by her side, the world will be a "whole new place" for her as she faces it without her older brother.
She added: "He brought joy to so many. I am very emotional now,. When Jimmy was in the world, I felt safe. Even though I have Tom, it will be a whole new thing for me to be without my brother Jimmy."
Angela recently revealed that she had battled skin cancer at the same time as her brother and she is is "thunderstruck" that he didn't make it rhrough his battle.
She said: "When Jimmy found out [I had cancer] he brought the whole family and the dogs to Montana to be with me. Jimmy and I became closer because of our cancers. We talked before and after our scans. We shared a club that nobody wants to join."
She admitted: "I am thunderstruck that Jimmy didn’t make it."