Jimmy Kimmel plans formal Friday

Jimmy Kimmel and his wife are planning "formal Fridays" while they are in self-isolation.

The 52-year-old talk show host is currently at home in Los Angeles with spouse Molly McNearney and their kids Jane, five, and two-year-old Billy, and he's offered some useful advice to others who are staying indoors amid the coronavirus pandemic, including to wear pants "for at least two hours a day".

Speaking on his 'Quarantine Minilogue' series, on Instagram TV, he said: "We've never had anything like this before nobody really knows how to handle it or stay normal, how to schedule yourself so I thought I'd lay put a suggested framework for your day.

"First, it's very important to put on pants, at some point, for at least two hours a day.

"My wife is suggesting a formal Friday, where you get all dressed up for dinner, even if you're alone. Maybe we'll do that."

While social media has been inundated with posts of people's suggestions for a daily schedule for their children, Jimmy urged them to stop.

He said: "Please don't post pictures of your child's daily schedule, it makes the rest of us who are letting our kids just play on iPads feel bad."

The presenter isn't a big fan of his children's viewing habits and admitted on his Instagram account he'd taken to hiding in his bedroom just to avoid watching 'Frozen 2' again.

He said: "We've watched 'Frozen 2' more times than the animators who drew it have watched 'Frozen 2'."

And Jimmy urged people not to watch too much TV.

He said: "You can watch up to three movies or five TV shows. That's it, then you've got to read or write. Maybe it's a good time to get a pen pal in prison."

And if those who are self-isolating with their families need a break, he had a suggestion.

He said: "If you do need time away from your family, the car. I find it's a good place to scream. And finally, make sure to check in on your loved ones, daily."