Jo O’Meara rushed to hospital after suffering 'four bulging discs'

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Jo O'Meara was rushed to hospital after suffering "four bulging discs" in her spine.
The 43-year-old S Club 7 star was struck down with severe back pain during rehearsals for her upcoming shows and was admitted to private hospital The London Clinic in the UK capital and was treated with spinal blockers - medication which block nerve pain - to help her back on her feet again.
Jo shared a picture of herself in her hospital bed on Instagram and wrote: "So after almost 20 years pain free my back decided it was time to flake out on me again.
"The pain has been absolutely horrendous! 4 discs bulging, and a bad case of sciatica, yesterday I went for some spinal blockers at the amazing @thelondonclinichospital to get things moving again!"
Jo is currently preparing for solo shows at Gloucester Pride in Gloucestershire, England and Fife Pride in Scotland and she's adamant her back problems won't stop her performing.
She added: "It will not stop me doing my shows and I will not be beaten by it! So I look forward to seeing you all at Gloucester Pride this weekend where I will be headlining, And the following week I will be Headlining at Fife Pride!
"Make sure to come and say hello! I would like to give a huge shoutout to my unbelievable management team @sagamusictv for getting me in so quickly to hospital. This back of mine will not stop me doing what I love. So I shall see you there."
Jo also teased she has an exciting new project in the pipeline, adding: "Plus something very exciting is happening ... very soon! So keep your eye peeled (sic)."