Jo O'Meara almost died on flight due to strangulated bowel

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Jo O'Meara almost died on a 23-hour flight due to suffering from a strangulated bowel.
The 43-year-old singer was on a plane to New Zealand in 2016 when she suffered from the condition - when an obstruction cuts off the blood supply to the intestine - and she was later in hospital for a "really long time".
She said: "Back in 2016 I had a bit of a situation. I got a strangulated bowel on a plane and I had to be rushed into surgery.
"It nearly killed me, to be honest. I was in hospital for a really long time.
"They wouldn't let me fly home because I was so poorly. I then found out a trauma can help bring on adult acne, which I didn't know existed until I had it myself.
"It's so horrible as there is not a thing I could do about it."
Jo has admitted pop group S Club 7 - who were also made up of Rachel Stevens, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Tina Barrett, and Hannah Spearritt – were not big fans of their song 'Reach' when they first heard it.
When asked by Scott McGlynn on his Instagram show 'Celebrity Skin Talk' if there was ever a song the group "didn't want to do", she replied: "You know what, it was 'Reach'.
"We all sat in the room and a guy played it on a guitar and we was like, 'Oh no,' but we did it and it's what we're known for - our biggest hit."
Last year, Jo told how she went to a "very dark place" after being involved in a racism controversy on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.
The pop star appeared on the show in 2007, but was accused of being racist towards fellow housemate Shilpa Shetty during her time on the programme.
She explained: "There’s no excuse for what happened. All I could do was learn, grow up and accept what I did was wrong. I’ve changed so much as a person and want to start again.
"The whole time for everybody involved was horrendous afterwards - I can never apologise enough.
"Looking back, I can see how it must have come across.
"People may not have seen it first-hand, but behind the scenes I was severely punished. I went to a very dark place and was very unwell mentally for a very long time."

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