Joanna Gaines and Son Crew, 5, Harvest 10 Gallons of Honey from the Bees on Their Waco Property

The Magnolia founder had a busy day with her youngest son Crew

Joanna Gaines and her son Crew had an un-bee-lievable day together.

On Sunday, the Magnolia founder shared a video to Instagram showing her family’s honey haul after a successful day of harvesting from their bee farm.

The cute video starts with a suited-up Gaines walking over to a mirror to give the camera a big thumbs and a smile. She follows her youngest child Crew, 5, to the bee boxes on their Waco, TX property. The littlest Gaines quickly inspects the beehives before they start harvesting.

The camera shows a slab from the hive covered in bees resting on the comb. Crew holds a box open to let others transfer pieces of clean honeycomb from other boxes into his.

<p>joannagaines/Instagram</p> Joanna Gaines's bees.


Joanna Gaines's bees.

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In a different clip, Crew is seen brushing the hive with the help of his mother, clearing the comb of any bees.

After a long day of work in the Texas sun, a tired Crew rests underneath a tree before the family begins extracting the honey.

Now inside, Gaines holds up a slab of honeycomb and runs a blade through the structure removing any of the excess. Crew samples a piece of the fallen comb and gives his mom a big thumbs up.

<p>joannagaines/Instagram</p> Joanna Gaines harvests and jars honey from her bees.


Joanna Gaines harvests and jars honey from her bees.

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They place the slabs of honeycomb into an extractor. Crew turns the crank, spinning the comb at great speeds causing the honey to fall out.

A thick golden stream of unfiltered honey flows into a gallon bucket. Gaines begins filling jars full of the honey to save for later.

<p>Joanna Gaines/Instagram</p> Joanna Gaines harvested ten gallons of honey.

Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Joanna Gaines harvested ten gallons of honey.

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In a photo showing her bounty at the end of the video, Gaines’s table is covered in jars of all sizes filled with golden honey.

“Grateful for the ten gallons of beautiful, golden honey,” Gaines writes in the caption. “Well done, you amazing little bees.”

<p>Instagram/joannagaines</p> Joanna and her son Crew.


Joanna and her son Crew.

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Gaines and her husband Chip share five children: Drake, 18, Ella, 16, Duke, 15, Emmie, 13, and Crew.

The Fixer Upper: Welcome Home star has been documenting a lot of adorable activities with her youngest.

In July, Joanna and Crew prepared a batch of cake pops for the July 4th holiday. Earlier in the summer, she also made homemade strawberry jam with her little sous.

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