Jodie Kidd's fiance proposed when she was in the bath

Jodie Kidd's fiance proposed while she was in the bath.
The 43-year-old former model previously revealed Joseph Bates had popped the question during a romantic break to Paris, France, in November and she's now shared some details of the "private and fun" moment when the 35-year-old businessman burst into the bathroom and got down on one knee.
She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: "I thought he was bending down to have a chat with me, but suddenly he came out with it. I was a bit shocked. I just said, 'Oh my goodness!'
"But it couldn't have been a more wonderful moment. I guess in a restaurant it would have been clichéd. But this was private, fun and different."
Joseph had been planning to pop the question for some time, but when it came to the big moment, he just "ad-libbed".
He said: "I kept thinking, 'Shall I do it now? Is this the right place?' "I wanted it to be private, but I sort of ad-libbed."
The news was particularly welcomed by Jodie's 10-year-old son Indio - who she has with former partner Andrea Vianini - because he's been urging the couple to wed for a long time.
Jodie said: "He's been asking for years: 'When are you guys getting married?' so when we told him, he was very happy.
"He and Joseph adore each other. They have the most gorgeous relationship."
Jodie was previously married to David Blakeley for just four months in 2015 and Aidan Butler for 18 months until 2007 but she insisted things will be different this time round because she's taken things more slowly with Joseph, who she has been dating since 2017.
She said: "I was young and gung-ho and wanted things far too quickly. I believed in marriage so passionately that I've just gone, 'Yeeees,' and then learnt the error of my ways by being too brash. I hadn't thought enough about whether it's the right person who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
"I've now matured somewhat in my rash decision-making. And this isn't a gunshot wedding. We've lived together for three or so years. There’s a lot of stability and we're an amazing family unit, so it feels a lot safer."
After spending so long without seeing many of their loved ones due to the coronavirus pandemic, the couple are looking forward to having a big wedding.
Jodie said: "There are so many people who we haven’t seen in such a long time and what a wonderful way for us all to come together to celebrate."

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