Jodie Marsh embroiled in row with neighbour

Jodie Marsh has become embroiled in a row with her neighbour over access to her house.

The 39-year-old TV personality is furious with her neighbour who is refusing to return an electronic key which accesses her property, despite a change in access to their respective drives.

In an angry Twitter rant, Jodie explained that her neighbour was previously able to use the gate under certain conditions but has now blocked it off with an eight-foot fence and that when she requested he return the fob he allegedly refused without explanation.

She fumed in a series of tweets: "Drama number 485 at my house. My neighbours drive used to be just off my long drive & they had access via my electric gate (subject to terms) to access their drive. They've now blocked it off with an 8ft fence so they can't acces their drive from mine anymore at all ... so the electric gate now ONLY gives access to MY property & not theirs. Just been to ask if I can have my gate fobs back to MY gate that I paid for & he's refusing to give them back. So he can't access his house via the drive but he WANTS to access MY house ... I am very concerned as to why he wants access to my property (even though he can't access his own from mine anymore) - is he a peeping Tom? Is he going to peer through my windows of a night??? Why on earth does he want access to MY property?? I don't understand ... It's literally terrifying. I feel like my neighbours intentions are very sinister. He's blocked off his own access via my drive yet still wants access to my house? For what reason? Help me! Is he w**king over me? I mean seriously, what the actual fresh hell is this?

"Now that he's blocked off his own access he has NO possible reason to need a gate opener to MY property. It's so weird & creepy. Am I living next door to a psychopath? Dealing with this today as a matter of urgency. Feeling very scared of his intentions. Will he watch me sleeping? (sic)"

Jodie replied to a comment from a fan that was concerned about her neighbour's intentions and suggested he could be infatuated with her.

She replied: "Exactly my thoughts! I'm so scared. He's some sort of creep who wants to come and look in my windows or something?! Why else would he want access to my house? X x x (sic)"