Joe Hildebrand joins 2GB after shock Studio 10 exit

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Exactly one week after announcing that he was leaving Studio 10, Joe Hildebrand has revealed he’s making the move from TV to radio after joining Sydney station 2GB.

While the finer details of his role are still reportedly being worked out, the popular broadcaster confirmed that he’ll be appearing on John Stanley’s hourly evening program from Thursday.

Joe Hildebrand has announced he's joining 2GB radio after his shock exit from Studio 10. Photo: Instagram/joe_hildebrand
Joe Hildebrand has announced he's joining 2GB radio after his shock exit from Studio 10. Photo: Instagram/joe_hildebrand

“Absolutely thrilled to announce I will be joining 2GB, starting tonight with my old mate John Stanley,” the 44-year-old wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of a Daily Telegraph article about his career change.

“Can’t wait to hear from you every Thursday at 8pm. Call us on the open line (I always wanted to say that!) 131 873,” he added.

Joe’s fans flooded the comments section with praise and excitement for his new job along with a few jabs at his previous employer, Channel 10.

“Congrats Joe!!! Wishing U All the best!!! Miss U not on T.V, I don't watch the show anymore, they have sadly ruined it,” one wrote.

“Congrats Joe! Your talent will shine through,” said another.

Joe's fans reacted to his career change. Photo: Instagram/joe_hildebrand
Joe's fans reacted to his career change. Photo: Instagram/joe_hildebrand

Joe quits Studio 10

Joe Hildebrand revealed that he had quit his role on Studio 10 after seven years in the co-hosting chair on September 10, leaving his fellow stars in tears.

“I’m leaving Studio 10,’ the 44-year-old announced on air, causing his colleagues Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Angela Bishop and Sarah Harris to audibly gasp.

In what was an emotionally-charged five-minute speech, he referenced the morning TV show’s recent ‘shake-up’ which saw fellow Studio 10 stars Kerri-Anne and Natarsha Belling, as well as weatherman Tim Bailey given the boot.

Joe Hildebrand, Sarah Harris, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Angela Bishop and Narelda Jacobs on Studio 10
Joe and his Studio 10 co-host, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, both departed the show at the same time. Photo: Instagram/kerriannekennerley.

Joe asked viewers not to ‘lash out’ at Channel 10, explaining that his ‘lovely bosses’ were keen to keep him on in a new role but it was his decision to leave the network.

When addressing the viewers directly he began to choke up, saying that they were ‘wonderful’ and that he ‘loved them all’.

At this point, Sarah Harris, who joined Studio 10 alongside Joe in 2013, broke down in tears prompting Joe to reach out and hold her hand across the desk.


“Sarah’s my best friend, my work-wife, we’ve been through all this since the very beginning,” he managed to say.

In what could be seen as a nod to Keri-Anne’s axing, Joe went on to reiterate that his resignation was voluntary.

“I’ve very lucky, I made this decision of my own accord and I’ve got other stuff that I can do,” he said.

He also pledged to ‘stick up for the little guy’ in whatever new role he takes on; “I will always make sure they are at the front of everything I do and fight for,” he said.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley on Studio 10
Kerri-Anne Kennerley wore a military-style jacket on Studio 10 to address her axing. Photo: Channel 10

Kerri-Anne axed

A month before Joe’s surprise resignation, his co-host Kerri-Anne Kennerley was axed sending shockwaves through the media industry.

While KAK remained surprisingly calm, the following day the 66-year-old did deliver a subtle dig at her former employer live on air by saying that she was wearing a military-style jacket because she was ‘being run out of town’.

She said that the situation was ‘very tough’ but that she remained optimistic about her future.

“But I've always worked on a personal level, the Charles Darwin theory that says to survive you don't need to be the most intelligent. You don't have to be the strongest, but you have to be, to survive, the most adaptable,” she said.

The host has stirred up plenty of controversy during her time on the show, often dividing viewers with shock comments and political statements.

Last year, she famously clashed with Yumi Stynes over Australia Day protesters and called out journalist Antoinette Lattouf for wearing a short jumpsuit during her appearance on the show.

In June, the TV host said that she just “can’t resist” causing a stir with controversial comments, during an interview on Sky News' The Death of the Aussie Larrikin?.

Additional reporting by Sarah Carty.

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