Joe Swash nearly split from Stacey Solomon

Joe Swash nearly split from Stacey Solomon after a huge row.

The actor and television presenter admitted he considered separating from the 'Loose Women' star when they argued over their newborn child Rex, now six months, but says the fact they had a son together made him decide to stay.

Joe admitted: "I did resent you. But it's weird, because in any other situation, I would have probably gone, 'We need to take some time apart, we need to have a little separation,' that's how bad it was. I think because it's a baby, it makes everything acceptable. There's a real reason behind it. If it was just a normal, everyday, this is how we are feeling. Fine, I would have to think about where we were in a relationship. Because we had our baby, our family, it all becomes acceptable."

And both Stacey and Joe have praised one another for being "amazing" and Joe, 37, admits he just had to "bite his tongue" because she had done "all the hard work".

She said: "If I had a baby and my partner didn't want me anywhere near that baby, I would have really of struggled. You were amazing Joe!"

Whilst speaking to Stacey on her podcast, Here We Go Again, Joe added: "Thank you. You went through all the hard work, honestly, all I had to do was bite my tongue a little bit and realise it wasn't the real you screaming and shouting. Honestly, Stacey, I have to take my hat off to you.

"The pregnancy, the whole birth, you handled it like a legend. It didn't go to plan, you still jumped straight back onto it. You have been amazing since. Our kid is amazing, he's the happiest, smiliest baby, honestly, I have ever met in my life!"