Joe Wicks eyes Pyramid as he leads Glastonbury workout days after son’s birth

Just days after the birth of his fourth child, Joe Wicks led a fitness session at Glastonbury Festival and set his sights on taking his workouts to the Pyramid Stage.

Hundreds joined the fitness expert at the Gateway stage on Thursday for some high intensity interval training (HIIT), similar to his PE With Joe YouTube videos which shot him to fame during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The session, which he hopes he can take to the festival’s main stage next year, comes just 10 days after the Body Coach and his wife Rosie had their fourth child, a boy called Dusty.

The couple already have daughters Indigo and Leni and a son called Marley, whom Wicks said Dusty looks “just like”.

“I’m so happy, I’m so content because I feel like my family is complete now,” he told the PA news agency at the festival on Worthy Farm.

“We named him officially yesterday, I was just testing out the name for a week to see if I loved it.

“He’s cute, Rosie is good, the baby’s good, I’m just not getting much sleep – so I need this workout to give me some energy.”

A rear shot of Joe Wicks doing his workout on stage in front of hundreds of people
A huge crowd joined in the workout at Glastonbury (Ben Birchall/PA)

Wicks said he initially planned to take Rosie with him to the festival but they made a last-minute change after Dusty’s birth.

“I would love to have had Rosie here, and in my vision, Rosie is on the other Glastonbury ticket,” he said.

“Unfortunately Rosie will have to be watching it on TV this year, but I’ll bring her back next year.”

He joked: “Apparently, if you have a baby on site (at Glastonbury), you get free tickets for life – that’s why I was hoping Rosie would be here.”

Joe Wicks raises his arms on stage in front of children and adults
Joe Wicks hopes to grace the Pyramid Stage next year (Ben Birchall/PA)

On Dusty’s name, Wicks said: “It’s a bit of a cowboy name.

“When I look at my little boy Marley I was thinking ‘he’s such a cool dude’, like he rides motorbikes, he skates.

“I thought if you were a Dusty that’s a pretty cool name. I just felt we need to meet the kid and make sure he’s a Dusty – yeah he’s a Dusty.”

Joe Wicks jumps up and down on stage in front of crowds of people
Joe Wicks works out at Glastonbury (Ben Birchall/PA)

His festival workout, which included running on the spot, Spider-Man lunges and squat jumps, is Wicks’ second appearance at the festival, after leading another fitness session last year for about 2,000 people at the Park stage.

“I want to bring fitness to the festival, get people moving and give everyone a big smile to start their weekend with,” he said.

“People that have done my lockdown workouts will be here today. I love doing these events you know, I don’t need to be here doing this, but I actually love it.”

Wicks said he hopes to take his workout to Glastonbury’s showpiece, the Pyramid Stage, next year.

“I’m hoping if I get in their good books and I deliver a great session maybe they say ‘look bring it to the Pyramid – let’s make it an epic first ever HIIT work on the Pyramid Stage’,” he said.

Jow Wicks raises his arms to the camera from the stage with the audience behind him
Wicks said he thinks a workout on the Pyramid Stage could be record-breaking (Ben Birchall/PA)

To festival organiser Emily Eavis and her father Sir Michael Eavis, Wicks said: “Thank you so much for having me back at Glastonbury this year.

“But let’s go bigger next year – let’s bring the first ever HIIT workout to the Pyramid Stage.

“I’m pretty sure if we get it right we can break a world record and have the biggest ever workout, let’s do it.”

Wicks will return to the Park stage for another fitness session on Friday at 10am, to put more festival-goers through their paces, and when he is hoping for crowds of up to three or four thousand.