John Boyega 'appreciates' fan support

John Boyega "appreciates" the support of his fans.

The 27-year-old actor is set to make his final appearance as Finn in the 'Star Wars' franchise when the final main line movie, 'The Rise of Skywalker', hits cinemas this week, and he has sent his gratitude to the fans who have been "supportive" over the years, as he prepares to say goodbye to the role.

Asked what he'd like his 'Star Wars' legacy to be whilst at the European premiere of the movie in London on Wednesday (18.12.19), he said: "I don't know man, I just feel like the audience has their role to play, and whatever you feel ... just feel it. What I appreciate is any support I've received - especially from Londoners and people from the UK - I couldn't do anything I'm doing without the fans and people who have been supportive of me and the movies I do. So I appreciate it."

John is "very emotional" to see the series come to an end, but praised director J.J. Abrams for doing an "extremely incredible job" with the ninth instalment.

When asked how he feels ahead of the movie's release, he explained: "Very emotional, overwhelmed, numb ... I mean for us, watching this movie is a whole different experience. It embodies years of our actual real lives, so watching it I was so taken aback. But you know, I have to say J.J. has done an extremely incredible job, and I really really enjoyed watching the movie."

And the actor also teased fans with what's in store for Finn in the final movie.

He said: "We find Finn at a point where he's devoted to the cause. You know, he fights for the resistance and would die for any of his family and friends, and I think that it's been a journey. It's been three movies for Finn to get there. He has no doubt about what he fights for now, and that's exciting, especially as actor for me to play."