John Boyega 'disciplined' with dating options

John Boyega will "only date Black" women.
The 'Woman King' actor admitted he is "very disciplined" when it comes to who he views as a potential partner and won't give in to any pressure to rush into settling down.
He told GQ Hype: "I only date Black, then it’s about chemistry, personality, goals. Is there a synergy? Can I help you? Can you help me?
"I’m very disciplined in the type of women I speak to. They don’t want you in their business.
"Being in the public eye, they would prefer if you had the wife and family. It’s the ultimate PR package. But my parents have been together for 35 years.
"There’s nothing that this world can do in terms of pressure to make me be inspired by anything else but my parents."
The 'Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens' actor admitted finding love has become more of a priority for him since he turned 30 earlier this year.
Asked if he now focuses on love after focusing on work for so long, he said: "Both are a priority. That’s changed. I’m 30 now. From 28, I just worked on getting peace and getting myself together. Moving with honesty and transparency. No misleading. No lying. And being devoted to what I commit myself to."
And John joked he'd always been popular with women.
Asked if he was a ladies' man, he laughed: "Come on, [I’m] Yoruba. When I was in college, I was the guy. I had many wives."
The 'Small Axe' star recently admitted he hoped that growing facial hair would attract more women but then discovered that they liked him clean shaven too.
He said: "I thank the Lord for growth. Facial hair, we're still trying to get on top of that. But the Lord has done it mentally. I'm where I'm supposed to be.
"I shaved down the other day. And I still got complimented.
"I said to myself, 'Well maybe I'm one of those, I'm like the equivalent of the girl who without makeup still looks good. So for me, I'm gonna take that one home. And it was a Black woman that told me. She said, 'You look good shaved down. You look real good shaved down.'"