John Boyega would be 'very surprised' to see a black James Bond

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John Boyega would be '"very surprised" to see a black James Bond.
The 30-year-old actor was asked if he would ever consider taking on the role of the 007 spy in the legendary movie franchise - which has so far only been played by white men such as the late Sir Sean Connery and Sir Roger Moore as well as Daniel Craig throughout its 60-year history - but "doesn't believe" that producers will ever cast a black man in the part.
Speaking on the 'Happy Sad Confused' podcast, he told host Josh Horowitz: "I’m sorry but I’m black – I don’t know how. When you’re black, I don’t know how that goes. You as a white man grew up in a society as a white man and that’s normal. That’s normal to you. Even the mention of a black Bond is like ‘Oh, okay’. I don’t necessarily believe that but if that’s what they’re doing then that is very surprising to me. As an actor you kind of just stay out of that conversation. But if it’s for you then maybe. But if not then you just enjoy it in a movie theatre like everyone else."
Meanwhile, the London-born star - who made his name on the West End stage before shooting to global fame as Finn in the 'Star Wars' franchise - explained that he would "love" to do Broadway in New York but teased he has to do a "few more movies" first.
He said: "I’d love to do Broadway but I’d love to go back on stage in the UK too. The last time I was on stage was in 2018 was at the Old Vic and I’d done that during the ‘Star Wars’ movies. It was tiring but I needed it. If it’s the right piece I’d love to go back on stage again. I’ve just got to do a few more of these films. Even if I was Off-Broadway, I’d do it.”.