John Fetterman Gives Trump Brutal Reminder About Who 'Kicked His Ass' Once Already

Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) said he’s firmly in President Joe Biden’s corner despite calls from some in the party that he step down after a poor performance in last month’s debate raised new questions about his age, stamina and cognitive health.

“That’s going to be our guy. That’s my guy,” he told MSNBC’s Jen Psaki on Monday, adding that Biden is the only candidate to beat former President Donald Trump in an election.

“And my money is gonna be on the guy that kicked his ass in 2020 and he’s going to win again,” he said.

Fetterman called out the people urging Biden to quit.

“It cracks me up,” he said. “It’s like I’m going to tell Tom Brady, y’know, you really need to hold harder in the pocket or something. I mean, it’s strange.”

Fetterman said he spent time with Biden during his campaign stops in Pennsylvania on Sunday.

“He had a perfect day with me,” Fetterman said, adding that Biden did multiple unscripted and interactive events:

The Pennsylvania senator also mocked the GOP over their support for Trump despite his criminal conviction in New York and multiple cases still underway.

“It’s strange why Republicans seem to embrace that a felon is at the top of their ticket and they’re proud of that, and they dress like him,” he said.

Fetterman ― who faced his own health questions when he suffered a stroke in 2022 while running for Senate ― has spoken out in favor of Biden since the debate, and tweeted a message of support on Sunday: