This John Lewis diffuser transformed my bedroom into a spa

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This John Lewis diffuser has transformed my bedroom. (John Lewis & Partners)
This John Lewis diffuser has transformed my bedroom. (John Lewis & Partners)

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After over a year of longing for the restorative comfort of a spa, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

No, I didn't splash my savings on installing a sauna in my bathroom, instead I simply bought a diffuser.

Sure, a diffuser can't give you a hot stone massage and it doesn't ask you how you're feeling when you turn it on, but what it does do is gently infuse your space with a relaxing, soft scent to help ease stress and create a peaceful atmosphere.

I now have the Ultrasonic Diffuser from John Lewis' new Anyday range propped up beside my other decorative ornaments in the living room, and another one by my bed - with a range of fragrance options for each.

In fact, it has become a running joke with my partner that when I get home I rush to turn on the diffuser before I say hello to him. 

Well, what can I say? One emits a restorative, uplifting scent and the other doesn't.

Transform your bedroom into a spa with with affordable diffuser. (John Lewis & Partners)
Transform your bedroom into a spa with with affordable diffuser. (John Lewis & Partners)

I can set the light on the diffuser depending on the type of glow I want in the room and then pick my scent according to my mood:

In need of a pick-me-up? I add orange.

Keen to de-stress? Lavendar.

Looking to wake up feeling energised? I opt for peppermint.

So, what are the benefits?

Well, other than calming me down and lifting my mood, depending on your essential oils blend, a diffuser can help improve sleep, uplift your mood, and obviously eliminate other odours in your home.

I've noticed that I feel more rested when I wake from falling asleep with the diffuser on and I definitely find that I breathe lighter when it's in use. 

What the reviews say:

  • "Stylish and sophisticated diffuser, looks like a very expensive product, heavy and well made, makes the room smell divine... would recommend."

  • "This diffuser is very effective and looks good too, as good as ones that are double the price."

  • "I had wanted one of these for ages and I know how good the John Lewis branded goods usually are, so was happy to wait for it to come back into stock rather than buying the expensive branded one."

  • "I enjoy the quiet trickling noise when the house is silent and I love the smell it fills the house with - I mostly bought the scents for their aromatherapy qualities and I think they really work. The design is lovely, clean and crisp, easy to give a quick wipe, and I like being able to select the length of time it stays on... Great value John Lewis branded item - exactly what you would expect, great quality and value, and while it's not a cheap item, it's much cheaper than a similar quality branded one."

  • "It's a lovely luxury item and it's great value when compared to another brand that looks rather similar. I highly recommend it."

Buy it: John Lewis & Partners Ultrasonic Diffuser | £50 from John Lewis

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