John Mayer only really likes acting in his friends' movies

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John Mayer only really likes acting in his “friends’ movies”.
The ‘Your Body is A Wonderland’ hitmaker has admitted he agreed to join the cast of the thriller ‘Vengeance’ after he was approached by his pal, B.J. Novak.
The 44-year-old musician told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I like being in my friends' movies."
"I don't really have a brain for acting. I like when my friends call me and say, 'You wanna do stuff?'"
He added: "I'm my own agent for film.
"It happens just when friends go 'Hey I have an idea for you,' - I go 'yeah, I'll do it.' Simple as that!"
John praised B.J. - best known for 'The Office' - and his “thoughtful” approach to filmmaking.
He said: "B.J. is very thoughtful on where he wants it to go.”
The Grammy winner appears in the movie as a “parody” version of himself with very little self awareness, calling his scene “a great moment between two guys that are smart but dumb."
John added: "The way we are talking it's like we are only ever listening to ourselves talk."
Meanwhile, earlier this month, The ‘Get Hard’ star had to cancel a Florida gig after his father “suffered a medical emergency”.
Writing on Instagram, John said: "This morning, my father suffered a medical emergency and was transported to the ER where he received much-needed and great care. He is now fairly stable and will continue to undergo some procedures, but as you can understand, I have to stay in NYC and can't play tonight's show in Saratoga Springs."

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