John Simm's Trauma finale panned by viewers

Justin Harp
Photo credit: ITV

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Trauma finale.

All week long, John Simm's three-part ITV thriller Trauma has been sharply dividing viewers, with reactions swinging wildly from the sublime to the ridiculous. No surprise then that the finale was equally as divisive.

The latest televisual offering from Doctor Foster and The Town writer Mike Bartlett centres around a dispute between grieving father Dan (Simm) and the surgeon, Jon (Adrian Lester), who failed to save his son on the operating table.

Throughout the first two parts, viewers have watched with clenched teeth while Dan grew more obsessed with reaping revenge on Jon by surveilling every aspect of his life.

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To do so, Dan got a job at the hospital where Jon worked, and when he was promptly fired, he started stalking the surgeon at work and at home - a pair of twists that many viewers found implausible.

Wednesday's finale opened on a similarly sinister note, with a deranged Dan turning up at Jon's home with a knife in hand and greeting the surgeon's own young daughter Alana (Jade Anouka) with a sadistic smile.

What played out was a home invasion nightmare where he milked Alana for personal information about Jon under the guise of picking up a charity donation, then cut the phone lines to deliver a terrifying threat.

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"I just want it to be fair," a manic Dan warned.

Alana's fate was temporarily left unresolved, when the show cut to Dan outside of the house trying to convince Jon's wife (aka his psychiatrist Lisa) to let him in for a counselling session. This was, of course, a ruse to lure Jon back to the family home.

Meanwhile, Dan was trying to convince Lisa that Jon had been having an affair. This was all getting very messy...