Johnny Depp is 'pleased' after judge denies Amber Heard's request to dismiss defamation case

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Johnny Depp is "pleased" that the judge has denied Amber Heard's request to dismiss the ongoing defamation case.
The 58-year-old actor is currently embroiled in a multimillion dollar defamation with his ex-wife - in which she is countersuing the Hollywood star after he sued her for claiming in a newspaper article that she had been the victim of domestic violence- and a judge recently denied her.
A spokesperson for the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star told Us Weekly: "We are pleased at Chief Judge Azcarate’s ruling to continue with the trial after Mr. Rottenborn failed to convince the court that there was reason to dismiss the case. We stand confident in the future of the case and for the truth to be continued to be shared."
The representative for Johnny went on to express their satisfaction for the way the trial has been going after the finished his multi-day testimony last week.
The rep added: "Over the last three and a half weeks, we’ve seen and heard from nearly 30 witnesses who have attested to and supported Mr. Depp’s claims that Ms. Heard defamed him in her 2018 op-ed. Ms. Heard’s reckless op-ed, in turn, caused him to lose a $22.5 million deal with Disney for 'Pirates of the Caribbean 6', resulting in an overall loss of earnings of over $40 million since December 18, 2018.
Numerous witnesses have testified that Ms. Heard engaged in psychological, verbal and physical abuse toward Mr. Depp."
The news comes just a day after it was alleged that 'Aquaman' actress Amber, 36, had "struck" her former husband - who she was married to for less than two years between 2015 and 2017 - across the face during an altercation.
Johnny's security guard Travis McGivern told the court on Monday (02.05.22) : "I felt it was time to get Mr. Depp out of the situation. I stepped in between Ms. Heard and Mr. Depp, telling Mr. Depp we were leaving and it wasn't up to him anymore.
"At that point out of the corner of my eye I saw a fist and an arm come across my right shoulder and I heard and saw a closed fist contact Mr. Depp in the left side of his face."