Jon Voight 'proud' of Angelina Jolie's parenting

Jon Voight is "very proud" of his daughter Angelina Jolie's parenting skills.
The 49-year-old actress is mum to six children with her ex Brad Pitt and Jon has declared Angelina is an excellent mum to her brood because she encourages all of them to follow their dreams.
He told "I'm very proud of Angie. The way she really tries to encourage each of the kids to really be what they want to be."
Jon also expressed his pride in his 15-year-old granddaughter Vivienne, who recently indulged her love of theatre by working as a volunteer on Broadway musical 'The Outsiders' after encouraging her mum to come onboard as a producer.
The 'Midnight Cowboy' star added: "The director of ['The Outsiders'] - great director [Danya Taymor] - said that [Vivienne] has talent. She has an eye for something.
"She contributed when she was working with Angie and I'm sure Angie contributed to some of it, especially with the actors but Angie is a great director so anyway it was wonderful ... I'm very proud of Vivienne."
Angelina won her first ever Tony Award for her work as a producer on the musical and she recently admitted it helped her get to know the teenager better.
She told Deadline: "My daughter Viv loves theatre. "She appreciates all theatre but she certainly knows what she feels close to and what she responds to ... "It was a very different experience of understanding, of how this [piece] is having a significant effect on her as a young person right now, and she's communicating something to me, and that is the power of this material.
"And then I had the privilege of watching everyone work over this last year to make it into what it is, and Vivienne has been there the whole way."